SDAW/Foundation on German-American Academic Relations

Established in 1998, SDAW is administrated by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

The Stiftung Deutsch-Amerikanische Wissenschaftsbeziehungen (SDAW/Foundation on German-American Academic Relations) is prepared to fund research groups in the social sciences, broadly defined, composed of German and North American scholars, and, where appropriate, other European scholars who propose to explore topics of particular relevance to the transatlantic relationship. Research projects may focus on international or domestic topics; comparisons with cases outside the US-European context are welcome, as are proposals that seek to open up new theoretical and methodological approaches. The participation of younger scholars is particularly welcome. Research results should be published (also electronically).

Call for Proposals 2024
SDAW is soliciting proposals for research projects related
to transatlantic relations and/or to issues of concern on '
both sides of the Atlantic. The closing date for the receipt
of proposals is August 30th, 2024.

Assets of the Foundation
around 750.000 Euro

Volume of Funding
up to 20.000 Euro/project (= approx. 23.000 US Dollars)

Account for Donations
Geno-Volks-Bank (Germany)
Bank Identification Number: 360 604 88
Account Number: 570 222 016
IBAN: DE56 3606 0488 0570 2220 16


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